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ZeroTigress [Lorekeeper] 17:21, 2015 November 9‎ (UTC)
Recent information has confirmed there are now 2 canons to RO stories: the kRO canon and the jRO canon. This is a reminder that the English Ragnarök Wiki is only concerned with the kRO canon as the jRO canon contradicts the kRO canon. If people would like to submit information supported by the jRO canon, that information would be more suited for the Japanese Ragnarök Wiki. If you do not agree with the English Ragnarök Wiki's stance on canonicity, please do feel free to open up a separate lore wiki of your own. We here at the Ragnarök Wiki believe that the information presented should only support one canon to prevent confusion and since Ragnarok Online is developed by kRO, we accept kRO information over jRO information.

On the subject of WoE:TE, since kRO only implemented WoE:TE in order to please pre-Renewal RO players and as a meta feature to prepare newer players for regular WoE, everything associated with it has no bearing on the lore of Ragnarök. Please do not use WoE:TE as a reference for character information as it contradicts quest information. Again, if you do not agree with the Ragnarök Wiki's stance on WoE:TE's inclusion in lore information, feel free to start up a lore wiki of your own that supports that information.

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User ZeroTigress
Time 33 months ago

A recent update to the international version of featuring the Morocc region.

However, it's obvious that it's a far departure from the original story progression as planned by RO2's original developers (GRAVITY).

RO2 ThaiServerSchedule.jpg

So how to approach this turn of events on the Ragnarök Wiki?

For all RO2 content developed past Forgotten Payon, the appropriate articles should include this script:


This will help differentiate original canon from the iRO2 canon.