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ZeroTigress [Lorekeeper] 08:55, 16 October 2019 (UTC)
Gravity Interactive recently announced a major updating coming to iRO that will require their Ragnarok Online servers to go down for a period of approximately 2 months.

"In December, we will begin testing a mega-update for iRO server. Included in this mega-update will be about a dozen game-system and quality of life updates such as Daily Login rewards, a tried and tested Anti-Cheat system, the long awaited pet evolution system, and much more. The expected launch date for this mega-update on Chaos and Thor is February 3rd, 2020. During the journey to this update, the server will be experiencing a large in-game event centered on this world’s cycle coming to its conclusion. The Cultists are all around you and will need to be confronted in the coming weeks.

Due to the large amount of updates that needs to be performed, service will be suspended for the period between 12/06/2019 and 02/03/2020 for iRO Chaos and Thor. During the suspension of service, all VIP time will be paused and will resume when the servers reopen. However, we won’t leave you without the ability to play Ragnarok Online! During this break, we will also have opportunities to participate in testing and playing.

Oct 31st: iRO Chaos and Thor cash shops turn off.
Nov 12th: We will be announcing registration for a new game service. Please keep a close eye on our site for more detail coming soon.
Dec 6th: iRO Chaos and Thor suspend service.
Starting in Early December we will be hosting closed and open beta tests of the new game service. In addition, we are planning on a stress test to test the limits of the server.
Feb 3rd: iRO Chaos and Thor reopen for normal play with the new updates."
Source: WarpPortal Forums

It is rather skeptical that 2 months of downtime is required for just client updates. It would make more sense for iRO to get an updated copy of kRO's server and just transfer accounts over, but we'll have to wait and see. As for the new game service, it's highly likely it will be the most sought after RO: Zero version of RO since it is apparently meant to keep players occupied while waiting for the Renewal servers to come back up in February.

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