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ZeroTigress [Lorekeeper] 12:44, 2014 October 28‎ (UTC)
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I've never really read the comic books so I'm not familiar with Thor as a Marvel character. But due to my interest in Norse mythology, it's only natural that he would be of interest to me. So I went and watched the first 2 movies released thus far on him. The new movie was announced to be subtitled Ragnarök, so that's what prompted me to create this thread. It's planned for release in 2017, so it's a long way from now.

Marvel's Thor is an decently thought out character from what I've seen in the movies. Pretty okay character development from the first movie to the second. The second movie made me wonder if GRAVITY would ever expand the Ragnarök online universe to Svartalfaheim and Muspelheim as well as actually having an Asgard to explore. (Sure, we have Valhalla, but that's just a small part of Asgard.)

So far, the 9 worlds of Norse mythos have appeared in the compilation thusly:

  • Midgard in both RO and RO2 (obviously)
  • Vanaheim in RO2
  • Jotunheim in RO
  • Alfheim in RO
  • Niflheim/Hel in RO

Svartalfaheim is hinted in RO2's history so it's likely that particular game in the compilation would get that world. But since it's the world of the dwarves, it makes more sense at this time to have it in RO since RO has dwarf NPCs in the game whereas RO2 doesn't.

Muspelheim (or Muspell in the manhwa) has only been mentioned so far so it's confirmed to exist in the universe of the compilation at least. Perhaps it would be the Mordor of the compilation in which it's the one place we all go to at the end in order to defeat all the demons before RO2's timeline.

I also hope GRAVITY will expand Vanaheim to be a more explorable area instead of the 2 dungeons we currently have in RO2. Perhaps have Dimago make a return in RO2 as a playable race and make them part of a separate Freyja faction that fights Odin faction characters (like Normans and Noels). Very few MMORPGs out there have an in-depth faction system like World of Warcraft.

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