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RO Freyja.png
A statue of Freyja at Sessrumnir.
Gender Female
Job Class Vanir
Race God
Family Njordr (father)
Freyr (brother)
First Appearance none so far

Freyja was once known as a benevolent goddess, capable of loving all living beings. Worship of Freyja is known as Freyjanity and it is practiced mainly in the Arunafeltz States.

On iRO, this character is localized as Freya.


One day, her husband Odin betrayed her, banishing her from Asgard, the world of gods. Betrayed by the one she trusted the most, Freyja turned into a goddess of destruction, who has sworn revenge against Odin and his creations, the Norman world.

Centuries later, Freyja unleashed a tsunami of god-like proportions and rained fire upon Midgard with the help of her 12 Valkyries. That day would later be known as the Day of Despair. Within that final conflict, the reincarnation of Baldr named Chaos came forth and sealed Freyja away in her homeworld of Vanaheim with the help of his friends and allies. Freyja is still sealed there to this day.[1]