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RO2 Freyjanity.jpg
Type Church
Affiliation Arunafeltz
Base of Operations unknown
Notable Members Reimond, Farshe Secher
First Appearance Episode 1 (Ragnarok Online II)

After the destruction of Ashkaron Empire, a religious group called Freyjanity was formed. They are the descendants of Arunafeltz who worshipped the Goddess Freyja and currently await the second coming of Freyja. Many individuals believed in Freyjanity or perhaps they were already a part of Freyjanity itself.

Freyjanity elect 12 elders within their group, just like Freyja's 12 Valkyries, which allows the cultist group to engage in organized activities.


Soon, rumors about the destruction of the Ashkaron Empire being the work of the Valkyries have spread, prompting Freyjanity to take action in order to ensure the second coming of Freyja. Freyjanity first spread propaganda and then devised and executed a plan to attack the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom's knights. Their activities became more dangerous, planning to create a dimensional portal to Vanaheim, just like how the Dimensional Gap near the now ruined Ashkaron Empire.[1]

They later formed a base at a former Rekenber laboratory, kidnapping Rune-Midgartsian children to conduct experiments with the Heart of Ymir. These experiments were being led by a scientist named Jacob and a group of researchers, successfully enhancing subjects' physical and mental capabilities. The goal of the experiments were to create immortal soldiers by infusing their body with the magical powers of Ymir's Heart.


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