Fur Seal
RO FurSeal
Class Normal
Level 47 (RO)
43 (RO2)
Size Medium
Type Brute (Animal)
Element Water (RO)
Poison (RO2)
Natural Habitat Kokomo Beach (RO)
Berta Delta (RO2)

Fur Seal is a fin-footed marine mammal that is semiaquatic. It has a sleek-body and barrel-shaped. Their bodies are well adapted to the aquatic habitat where they spend most of their lives. Due to the excessive hunting for their precious hide, Fur Seals are now threatened with extinction. Fur Seals can only be found at Kokomo Beach, Comodo.

Fur Seal is always mistaken for a Sea Otter. This is because Fur Seal has a habit of disguising itself to be a Sea Otter. Perhaps that is the reason that it was named Fur Seal. Sea Otter doesn't seem to recognize that Fur Seal is a different species thus it will not attack Fur Seal whenever it enters their territory.[1]

In some versions of Ragnarok Online, Fur Seal is localized as Seal.

Ragnarok Online II

In RO2, there are three variations of this monster:

  • Fur Seal
  • Fur Seal Swimmer
  • Fur Seal Diver



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