GOD-POING and the the Zenoi Sword

GOD-POING and the the Zenoi Sword
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Inside the north room.
Location Republic Library
(yuno_in04 190/117)

GOD-POING and the the Zenoi Sword is a science fiction novel that can be found in the Juno Library's north room.

NOTE: The actual title of the book is unknown so the title of this article is just a placeholder for easy referencing.

In-Game Text

"Admiral, the Kylorians are still advancing!" Commander McKendrick announced without his usual swagger. "They're... They're not stopping!"

But Admieral Leh's eyes were a cold, unfeeling shade of sternness.

"Let the goddamned space aliens come," hissed Leh. "We don't stand a chance without the Zenoi Sword to summon the power of GOD-POING. It's... It's all over. Damn it all..."

The doors burst open as Bucky flew into the room.

"The Zenoi Sword! The Zenoi Sword! Someone's found it!" the boy yelled.

"Really?! We better hurry, Earth doesn't have much time!"

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