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Garden of Yggdrasil
Level 1 - 10
RO2 YggdrasilGarden.png
The magical garden.
Type Village
Race Noel
Government Village
Rulers ??
Faiths Yggdrasil
Location Yggdrasil

The Garden of Yggdrasil is the starting area of the Noels in Ragnarok Online II.


Garden of Yggdrasil

Points of Interest


On the top of the World Tree Yggdrasil, there is Yggdrasil Garden, home of Noels. It is the place where Alfheim's destroyed remnants lay from the Day of Despair. The place that replicates where Noels used to live. This place was calling for nostalgia with hair of magic. Noels called this place "Garden of Yggdrasil." Most of remaining Noels moved to this place, and built a village called "Ellenas." They were curing themselves from sad days quietly, with small breath. Just like that, they were adapting themselves to heartbeat of the world.

One day, little by little, their peaceful days were getting clouded with dark presence. Female believers who worships Goddess Freyja attacked their village. Their objective was to seize pendant made with Ymir's Heart piece. Noels think of Ymir's pendent as their life, and they fought back to defend it. After some time have passed, on Noel's Quinceanera Celebration, one wounded traveler appeared in their village.

And this is where everything begins.[1]





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