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Level 100 - 130
RO Glastheim.jpg
The decrepit gates to Glastheim.
Type Capitol
Race Norman
Government Monarchy
Rulers Schmitz Von Walter
Faiths Church of Odin
Location Rune-Midgarts

Glastheim (Korean: 글레스트헤임) was once the capital of Rune-Midgarts before it fell to ruin sometime during the Age of Gods.

The structures are crumbling, covered in filth and overgrown vegetation, with cobwebs decorating every corner. Further exploration into the ruins will soon reveal them to be infested with evil. Large number of demons and undead have made this place their stronghold.


Glastheim is located west of the city of Geffen in the midst of lush fields and forestry. A fortified city, it has only 3 gates of entry (west, south, and east) similarly to Prontera but only the eastern gate is currently accessible.

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The warriors of Glastheim were so powerful that other nations thought of them as Super Entities. Legends say that the king of that kingdom was seeking more power from the sacred tomes hidden deep inside of the Ancient Tower of Geffenia, so he sent Assassins to steal it from there. Little did he know that by reading the tomes he unleashed evil powers over his kingdom; so powerful that it damned every soul into infinite torment. The king's name was lost, now he is only known as the Dark Lord, and what is left from Glastheim citizens are now fearsome monsters feasting on the flesh and souls of wanderers.

Other legends passed on by bardic poems and songs sustain that Glastheim would have been "the fifth" of the many Halls of Honor that were used as Valhalla, harboring fallen warriors chosen by Odin.[1]


After Schmitz Von Walter was crowned king of Rune-Midgarts, his erratic behavior worsened and he soon grew displeased with the Prontera Palace. He ordered his people to erect a giant castle three times larger than his old one in Glastheim, right below Mt. Mjolnir. The Prontera Palace had housed royal families for more than five hundred years and, although it had been recently been rebuilt, the Court was forced to collect more taxes from the people to finance this immensely expensive project. The new Glastheim Palace was completed in five years and King Schmitz immediately moved there, living an isolated life of decadent pleasure that was financed by taxes paid by citizens and adventurers.

Clearly an insane tyrant in his twilight years, King Schmitz sacrificed normans to demons in hopes of attaining immortality. He was finally overthrown in A.W. 529 by his cousin, Grenholm Von Gaebolg, that led a coup d'état against him. Grenholm's rebel troops defeated the royal army and advanced unopposed to Glastheim Palace. Upon entering Glastheim Palace, Grenholm's soldiers encountered a demon army that King Schmitz had summoned from Hel. Many of Grenholm's soldiers perished in the violent struggle, but they eventually triumphed over their enemies. They saw the extent of King Schimtz's lunacy when they finally captured him in a small tower in Glastheim Palace: his body was mutated and misshapen since he had experimented on it in his quest to attain the immortality enjoyed by demons.

The ward captain entered the captive king's room a few months later and found that Schmitz had vanished. There was a large scale investigation and it was discovered that the king used a mysterious demonic power to hide in his room's mirror. With Schmitz finally deposed, Grenholm claimed the crown.[2]

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  • Patch (2018 Mar. 07)
    • All Glastheim maps are now named 'Glastheim' uniformly.
  • Patch (2012 May 30)
    • Added Old Glastheim instance and Nightmare Mode dungeon in the 12 o'clock area of Glastheim.
  • RO-minilogo.png Renewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Glastheim was modified to a 100 - 130 zone to fit with the new level cap of 150. This area was originally a level 50 - 80 zone.
  • Patch (2002 Sept. 11)
    • Added Glastheim dungeons near Geffen and Clock Tower dungeons in Aldebaran.