Glorious Destruction Staff
RO GloriousDestructionStaff
The weapon's info window.
Type Two-Handed Staff
Level 4
Effects 70 ATK
210 MATK
Increases magic damage against [Demi-Human] type targets by 15%.
Magical attacks bypass the defense of [Demi-Human] type targets by 25%.
Weight 0
Source Battlegrounds
Cost to buy 2,000 KVM Reward Points
Cost to sell --

Battlegrounds weapon designed for PVP combat.


  • Base Level 80
  • Acolyte Class, Magician Class

Refine Bonuses

Each upgrade increases magic damage by 1%.
+6 upgrade bonus:

  • [Destruction] Lv. 1: Increases magic damage bonus and defense bypassing by (Upgrade - 5) * 2, until an upgrade of +14.
  • Increases defense bypassing by 5%.

+9 upgrade bonus:

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