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A Goblin and its masks.

Goblins are a kind of evil fairy that are very sly and wicked. They typically wear masks, which are the tokens of goblin warriors in different tribes of goblins.[1] Small mask-wearing monsters that viciously attack passersby. There seems to be different types that use different weapons.[2] They seem to be very capable of engineering technology as they've been seen riding steampacks and a jetpacks.

They live in a small village that neighbors the Orc Village to the south.


There is some speculation that Goblins may be related to Shadow Dwellers due to both races of monsters bearing mask-like faces and being evil fairies.


Concept art of Goblins for Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Guardians of Love.

Their height is very short compared to Normans with elfen-like ears. Their skintone tends to be a very earthy brown. As they're constantly seen wearing masks, it is unknown what their physical faces look like.

Job Classes


  • Goblins are inspired by the European mythology of goblins.[3]


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