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Gravity Communications Co. Ltd.
Type Private company
Industry Software
Founded 2015 November
Headquarters Taipei City, Taiwan[1]
Key People Yoshinori Kitamura, CEO[2]
Products PC and mobile games
Number of Employees 32[3]
Parent GRAVITY Co., Ltd.

Gravity Communications Co. Ltd. was created to host games developed by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. for the Taiwan region.

History[edit | edit source]

In November of 2015, GRAVITY set up a representative office in Taipei City, Taiwan.[4] After declining Ragnarok Online contract negotiations with Gameflier, Gravity Communications became the new publisher of twRO and reopened the server in June of 2017.[5][6] The company was formerly incorporated into GRAVITY on 2018 April 13.[7]

Game Titles[edit | edit source]

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