Gravity Europe SASU

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Gravity Europe SASU
GravityEuropeSASU logo.png
Type Private company
Industry Software
Founded 2006 September
Headquarters Paris, France
Products MMORPG and Mobile video games
Parent GRAVITY Co., Ltd. (former)
Website Gravity Europe SASU English

Gravity Europe SASU, or simply Gravity Europe, is a subsidiary of GRAVITY.[1] It was first established to host Ragnarok Online in the France and Belgium regions, which were formerly serviced by Gravity CIS.

History[edit | edit source]

In September of 2006, Gravity Europe was established as the Europe office for GRAVITY. It hosted the Ragnarok Online servers for the France and Belgium regions (fRO). Because it was a branch office, Gravity Europe lacked its own independent website and players could only find information about them on their Ragnarok Online website.

When BURDA Interactive Communities was unable to extend their RO contract with GRAVITY, hosting services for the rest of the European regions were transferred to Gravity Europe in 2010. In doing so, fRO became the new euRO server.

On 2014 July 3, Gravity Europe launched the Gravity Gateway portal for their games, finally giving themselves an official site for players to refer to.[2] In doing so, they were also able to expand their game offerings beyond just Ragnarok Online.

Eventually, Gravity Europe was removed from GRAVITY's list of subsidiaries, a sign that GRAVITY has severed ties with its Europe branch office.[3]

In 2017, Gravity Europe renamed itself as WhyBe Online, inferring that they are officially no longer a part of GRAVITY and are independent from their former parent company.

WhyBe Online finally ended euRO services on 2019 August 12 and the company shut down entirely. RO rights to the Europe region were transferred to Innova.[4]

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