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Gravity Games Corporation Co. Ltd.
GravityGames logo.png
Type Private company
Industry Software
Founded 2003
Headquarters Seoul, Korea[1]
Products PC and mobile games
Parent Barunson Inc. (former)
Website Barunson Interactive

Gravity Games Corporation was formerly Barunson Interactive, the developers of Dragonica and Dragon Raja.[2] Dragonica boasts of 15 million users worldwide and is currently being serviced in 55 countries including Japan, North America, Europe, and Taiwan.[3]


Barunson Interactive was acquired by GRAVITY on 2010 September 28 and started its Korean services under the Gravity Games label afterwards.[4][5] The development team was absorbed into that of GRAVITY's.

On 2018 March 30, Gravity Games Corporation held an extraordinary shareholders meeting at which the shareholders approved the commencement of a voluntary dissolution of Gravity Games Corporation.[6]

Game Titles

  • Dragonica


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