GungHo Online Entertainment
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Type Public company (JASDAQ: 3765)
Industry Software & Programming
Founded 1998 July 01[1]
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key People Taizo Son, Chairman
Kazuki Morishita, President & CEO
Products MMORPG and Mobile video games
Number of Employees  ??
Parent SoftBank (58.5%)[2]
Subsidiaries Gravity (company)

Game Arts
GungHo Mode
GungHo Works
Grasshopper Manufacture

Website GungHo Online Entertainment Japanese

GungHo Online Entertainment (Japanese:ガンホー・オンライン・エンターテイメント株式会社) is a Japanese video game corporation. They are primarily known for hosting the Japanese server of Ragnarok Online, as well as their development of Ragnarok DS for the Nintendo DS. More recently, the company has reported huge financial success thanks to its mobile game Puzzle & Dragons, which, in 2013, was reportedly responsible for 91% of the company's $1.6 billion revenues for the year.[3]


Established as ONSale Co., Ltd. on July 1, 1998 (a joint venture between Softbank and onSale Inc. in the US) to engage in the online interactive auction business.

In 2000, the company moved its headquarters to Tokyo, Japan and changed its focus to providing auction systems, etc. using Active Server Pages.[4]

In 2002, the company once again changed its focus, this time to Online Game Services. Primarily hosting the Japanese server of Ragnarok Online.

In 2004 the company began joint development of online games with Game Arts Co., Ltd.

In March 2005, the company was listed on the Hercules Nippon New Market of the Osaka Securities Exchange.

In August 2005, the company invested in G-Mode Co., Ltd. a game manufacturer for mobile phones.

In December 2005, the MMORPG developed by GungHo, Emil Chronicle Online, was officially released.

In August 2006, they completed the contract to distribute Ragnarok Online II.

In February 2007, a licensing agreement was signed with Nintendo, for development on the Nintendo DS platform.

In October 2007, GungHo Works, Inc., behind the development of Ragnarok DS, was established.

In April 2008, Gravity Co., Ltd. was acquired as a subsidiary.


Currently Offered

GungHo offers services for the following games. () is the official launch date or beta.



Puzzle Games

Future Titles


  • Ragnarok Online II (β August 30, 2007 - September 27, 2007)
    • Open Beta was suspended for the redevelopment of the title. It is still undetermined when the title will once again be available.
  • Codename: Rondo


  • eXtreme Soccer (β August 11, 2006 – 2008)
    • Beta suspended in 2008. It is still undetermined when the title will be available.

Service Ended

These titles are no longer available.

PlayStation 2

PlayStation Portable

PlayStation 3

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation 4

Nintendo DS




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