Gunther Doubleharmony

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Gunther Doubleharmony
Gunther as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Bard
Race Norman
Main Weapon A lute
Friends Minty Eland
First Appearance Episode 1 (Ragnarok Online)

Gunther Doubleharmony is a Bard who resides in Payon. He is very laid-back and isn't bothered by people ignoring him. He knows the story of Snowysnow among other stories.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One day, Gunther comes across an adventurer and begins enthusiastically talking about how he learned the song Mr. Kim, A Rich Man from a friend of his. He then does a double-take and asks the adventurer if they wish to hear him sing or tell a story. It turns out the adventurer was sent by Minty Eland asking for the lyrics to "At One, I Fall in Love." Gunther cheerfully responds that he knows Eland and and writes the lyrics to the song on the adventurer's back. With that, the adventurer leaves to meet up with Eland.

The adventurer returns later to relay to Gunther that the lyrics weren't as Eland remembered. He then tells the adventurer that the song was changed by a fellow Bard name Kino Kitty. After that, the adventurer leaves, allowing Gunther to go back to what he was doing previously.[1]

Song Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Gunther Doubleharmony sings 3 songs: a song about Yggdrasil, "Mr. Kim, A Rich Man", and a song from Luke the Bard.

unnamed song about Yggdrasil[edit | edit source]

Evergreen Yggdrasil~
Giant ashen tree reaching for the sky
Crystal, morning dew from its leaves
form Urdr's pond

Three wise girls seated beneath its boughs
Urdr of the past, Verdandi of the present,
Skuld of the future
Spinning, weaving threads of destiny

Evergreen Yggdrasil~
Giant ashen tree reaching for the sky
Its roots soaked with tears
Death in Hvergelmir

An evil dragon burning its roots
with eternal flame
The evil dragon Nidhoggr
Living between Yggdrasil and Niflheim

Evergreen Yggdrasil~
Giant ashen tree reaching for the sky
Wisdom in its roots
roots reaching Mimir's pond

Guarded by a wise giant
Odin sacrificed one of his eyes for the wisdom
Heimdallr's horn hidden in Yggdrasil's roots
Will sound one last time signaling Ragnarok

Mr. Kim, A Rich Man[edit | edit source]

(Very old story about rich Mr. Kim and his rise from rags to riches to rags to riches.)

Merchant of Payon so poooooooor~
No money for armor, no money to make
Sold the Cotton Shirt off his back
No pity he'll take

First he only sold Red Potions
Then he moved up to Carrots
He could afford new armor
and even wear it

But one day he was scammed, scammed by a wicked guild
made poor once again
He decided to go to Ant Hell
right there and right then

Bats, Dwarves, Eggs, Ants!
He battled them all~
Worm Peelings, Jellopy!
He gathered loot great and small

Then the glorious day came
when he found a valuable card
That'd bring great wealth to his

But he kept it dear to him
to remember his times of working so hard
He never sold it, never sold
his precious card~

a song from Luke the Bard[edit | edit source]

I found it in a drawer
Old, worn letters
Forming elaborate words
Sincere reflection of a sincere mind

I found it in a drawer
Was I really like that once?
Was I really that childish?
My memories are tarnished

I found it in a drawer
Love I had forgotten
She never got this letter
But both of us were too shy

I found it in a drawer
Love I had forgotten
I never gave her this letter
But both of us were too proud

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gunther's song about Yggdrasil delves heavily into Norse mythos.

References[edit | edit source]