Headless Mule
RO HeadlessMule
Class Normal
Level 80
Size Large
Type Demon
Element Fire
Natural Habitat Brasilis

Headless Mule is a figure in Brazilian folklore. In most tales, it is the ghost of a woman that has been cursed by God for her sins (often said to be as concubinate or fornication with a priest within a church) and condemned to turn into a fire-spewing headless mule, galloping through the countryside from Thursday's sundown to Friday's sunrise. The myth has several variations concerning the sin that turned the cursed woman into the monster: necrophagy, infanticide, sacrilege against the church, fornication, etc.[1]


When Brasilis was added to Ragnarok Online, the Headless Mule was simply a modified Nightmare sprite, which was reflected in its card art. After some time, the developers finally decided to correct this laziness and design a proper Headless Mule sprite and updated the card art.



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