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RO Hisie.png
Hisie's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Civilian
Race Laphine
Family Kardui (younger brother)
Avant (father)
unknown mother
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
What are you staring at, traveler?
~ Hisie

Hisie is the older twin brother of Kardui and, as such, is also of half Donas and half Papang Laphine blood. He has a rather stiff attitude compared to his more welcoming brother.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Hisie was in the Bifrost Tower when he encounters an adventurer bearing a letter from his brother Kardui. The adventurer comments on his striking similarity to the Mayor Jun and Hisie reveals that he and Kardui are twin brothers. He explains that a magic scholar name Avant created them through his experiments and, because of that, Kardui and Hisie hold a resentful attitude towards their biological father. Hisie goes on to answer that he has no idea where Avant is nor does he care to know. He wants Kardui to stop looking for Avant as he believes his brother is trying to eliminate their father. Hisie thinks their father was influenced by Florence, who wanted to create a lineage of mixed blood Laphine. However, Avant's experiments were caught by the Elder Assembly and the scholar has been in hiding ever since. He suggests that if the adventurer wants to know more, he/she should ask around.

The adventurer returns some time later and tells Hisie about Shinaim visiting someone in the eastern part of Eclage when her Yai is in the opposite direction. The Laphine brings up that he discovered a laboratory Yai in the east, but doesn't think it's a big deal since it's open to anyone who wants to turn it into their home or a place for research. He suggests that the two of them stake out the Yai and tells the adventurer to meet up near the plaza before approaching the Yai.

The adventurer and Hisie secretly meet in Eclage where Hisie proceeds to point out where the suspicious Yai is. Hisie tells the adventurer to just act casual and pretend he/she is there to deliver Dustballs and Leaf Bookmarks on behalf of Shinaim while he hides under a leaf. As Hisie watches on, he sees a Donas Laphine emerge from the Yai and immediately recognizes the Laphine as his father Avant. After Avant leaves, Hisie confirms to the adventurer that although Avant has changed his hair color, his cold personality is a dead giveaway. He suggests that the adventurer tell his brother about what they've discovered.

While the adventurer went off to the palace, Hisie sneaks through the Bifrost Tree to get into Kardui's room without the adventurer or anyone noticing. This ends up surprising the adventurer who wonders how he managed to get in. Hisie remarks that the security isn't what it used to be so sneaking in was rather easy. Kardui is elated to see his brother and wishes his brother wouldn't go back to the Bifrost Tower. Hisie reminds his brother that it would cause trouble for Kardui if he lives in the palace so he agrees to sneak in to visit from time to time.

With the salutations out of the way, Kardui asks his brother and the adventurer if they've made any progress on the whereabouts of Avant. Hisie reports that he's found out where Avant is and that the Laphine is still carrying out experiments. Kardui is interested in disrupting Avant's experiments and Hisie agrees. Kardui notes that Avant hates it when something exceptional happens out of routine so he suggests they should cause a lot of exceptional things to happen by messing up Avant's laboratory. Hisie goes along with the plan and tells the adventurer to get ready.

Hisie and the adventurer head back to the Yai where Hisie suspects there might be security devices in place that will cause them trouble. They both go in and investigate Avant's desk where some books were arranged out of order. Once they sorted the books, they realize that the hinged door on the desk has a combination that corresponds to the book order. Upon unlocking the compartment, Hisie discovers that Avant kept a picture of his and Kardui's mother from whom they got their hair from. He notes that Kardui cherishes their mother very much. They then look through the documents in the compartment and discovers that Avant is researching into the orb at Eclage's plaza. Just then, Avant shows up and summons monsters to his aid. Hisie gives Avant's Research Data to the adventurer and the adventurer escapes with the documents while Hisie takes care of his father.

Hisie and the adventurer meet with Kardui back at the palace to discuss what they've discovered. Although it's bad that Avant is researching into the Orb, Kardui admits that this gave him and Hisie a reason to meet after so long, which irritates Kardui. Hisie asks his brother if he had known what Avant was up to and Kardui responds that he didn't, but he felt compelled to look for Avant when he sensed unease coming from Yggdrasil. He explains to the adventurer of what would happen if Avant got his hands on the Orb's power and that it was good that the three of them found out before anything bad happened. Kardui decides to ramp up security around the Orb as a precaution until they can figure out why Avant was interested in researching the Orb. With that done, Hisie heads back to the Bifrost Tower.[1]

The adventurer meets up with Hisie back at the tower where Hisie realizes that they haven't told Kardui about the Chief of Staff Shinaim's involvement with Avant. The adventurer offers to go back to Eclage to check on the Chief of Staff and Hisie thanks him/her.

Hisie makes his way back to the palace to meet up with Kardui and the adventurer. He doesn't think there's any doubt as Shinaim met and sponsored a magic scholar by chance. Kardui is disappointed that Avant was alone in his latest scheme. The adventurer brings up that Shinaim was more interested in the Orb than Avant. Kardui explains that is nothing new as every Laphine is naturally interested in the Orb. However, the adventurer continues saying that Shinaim tried to get him/her involved, which shocks Hisie. The adventurer goes on to explain how Shinaim doesn't trust Kardui and is just waiting for the next Mayor Jun to come along. Kardui becomes really upset because he thought he could trust Shinaim. Hisie tells him to not worry about it too much and just focus on being a good Mayor Jun. Hearing that, Kardui calms down and tells the adventurer that he's glad that he/she is on his side. He then asks the adventurer to continue communicating with Shinaim to find out what she's up to.

The adventurer returns to tell them that Shinaim has been explaining the functions of the fixtures above the Orb and Kardui is anxious as to why Shinaim is sharing such information. Hisie tells him to calm down and Kardui decides to add more security around the Orb as there's nothing more he could do without making himself look bad. He tells the adventurer that it's all in his/her hands now. The adventurer acknowledges the severity of the situation and goes back to Shinaim.

Hisie later encounters the adventurer in Eclage's clinic where he demanded to know why he/she attacked their soldiers. The adventurer asserts that he/she was killing incarnations of Surt. Loki reveals that the adventurer had been inflicted with a powerful thorn that cause him/her to hallucinate the Laphine soldiers as monsters. Loki goes on to reveal that Shinaim was being manipulated by an incarnation of Surt that is able to control others through a part of its body. Hisie can't believe that Shinaim has betrayed them as she's been with them for so long. Nidhoggr also agrees with Loki that the adventurer would never do a thing like that if he/she was fully aware of his/her surroundings.

The adventurer asks Hisie what happened to the Orb and Hisie explains that the inner core was stolen, so that's why Kardui couldn't come. Although the soldiers that the adventurer attacked weren't killed, it's still a very bad situation for him/her. Hisie wonders what Loki and Nidhoggr will do now and Loki explains that they've come all this way to track down Surt and the thorn provides a useful clue for them. Hisie tells the adventurer that they need to track down Shinaim and bring back the core before someone notices it's missing.

Hisie and the adventurer meet up with Kardui after the adventurer has recovered from his/her wounds and the adventurer reveals that their father Avant had also been used by Shinaim. Hisie is shocked that they were all tricked by an incarnation of Surt and the adventurer resolves to find Shinaim and bring back the core. Hisie must stay with Kardui so the both of them can continue to power the Orb to cover up the loss of the core.[2]

Some time later, Hisie discovers Raiyan Moore near a Dimensional Gap and brings him to Eclage. He then sends word to the United Midgard Alliance camp about him since he figures Raiyan was a Norman who came with the Midgard expedition. It wasn't until Rin arrived that Hisie realized what Raiyan had done. Although he understands the man was under Surt's control, he's caused a lot of trouble for not only the denizens of Midgard, but to Yggdrasil as well. He couldn't fathom how Raiyan would even begin to repay his enormous debt.[3]

Memorable Quotes

This is it for you! Avant!
~ Hisie arresting his father.