RO Hitaikakushi
The item's info window.
Type Headgear
Effects 15 DEF
Increase 2 CRIT per refine Lv., reduces the fixed casting by 2%.
When being physically attacked, has a 1% chance to auto-cast highest level learned Eswoo on the wearer.
Weight 20
Source Events, Kafra Shop
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell 10 Zeny

An otherwise normal ghost bandana with a red spiral insignia on the front. It demonstrates a strong connection between the wearer and the afterlife.

This is one of several hats conceived by members of the iRO Community to help make uncommon builds viable in Renewal. The headgear's original name Hitaikakushi was localized to Dead man Bandana.


Refine Bonuses

  • If upgraded to +7 or higher,, MATK + 20, Increase casting rate of Eswoo (3%).
  • If upgraded to +9 or higher, reduce variable casting by 20%, when Estun, Esma is used, Consumed SP -5.

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