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Hyosun and her beloved doll.
Gender Female
Job Class Civilian
Race Norman
Family Prontera Innkeeper (mother)
First Appearance Volume 4 (Ragnarok)
My dolly!
~ Hyosun

Hyosun is the daughter of the Prontera innkeeper who absolutely loves her doll, to the point of mindlessly getting into danger for it. She loves Chaos and sees him as her big brother while she dreadfully fears Loki.


During a fight between Sakray and Loki, Hyosun stumbles and drops her doll on the ground. The doll manages to fall right between the two men, but Hyosun goes after it anyways despite being in the direct line of fire. Chaos sees her and immediately goes to protect her when Loki launches an attack at Sakray.[1] With the help of Vision, Chaos successfully blocks the attack from hitting Hyosun at the cost of his own health.[2]

After Himmelmez's attack on Prontera, Hyosun rams into Iris Irine while running around the Prontera Inn where Chaos and the others were staying. She starts crying when Iris picks up her doll and snatches it away from the Cleric while calling her ugly and old. This enrages Iris, who immediately began pulling on Hyosun's face in retaliation. Hyosun then cries for her mother, who reveals herself as the innkeeper of the Prontera inn. She asks if her daughter was causing trouble, which Chaos responds no. Hyosun instantly recognizes the Rune Knight upon seeing him and goes over to hug him tightly, calling him her hero. She tells her mother that Chaos was the one who saved her life and points out that Loki was a really bad man. Chaos tries to convince her otherwise and tells her that Loki is actually his friend.[3]