Ragnarok Wiki
Gender Male
Job Class Assassin
Race Norman
Alignment Chaotic Good
Main Weapon snakes
Friends Loki, Hajatu, Taulin, Mustafa
First Appearance Volume 2 (Ragnarok)
Episode 1 (Ragnarok Online II)
You talk too much.
~ Ibraham

Ibraham, He Who Hungers, is a member of the Assassins Guild. He is one assassin who really enjoys his work. When a mission calls for silence and stealth, Ibraham wouldn't hesitate to go bursting through the front door screaming all the way. He has the ability to summon monstrous snakes.

On iRO2 and seaRO2, Ibraham is misspelled as Abrahim.


Ibraham was one of the last to report to Loki after the Assassin cross summoned his team. He infiltrates the Morocc castle alongside Taulin, using his snakes to dispatch the guards.[1]

Once inside, Ibraham tries to use his snakes to subdue the castle lord, who has turned into his true demon form. He was easily tossed aside.

After their mission, Ibraham travels back to the Assassins' Guild with the others to find that their headquarters was no more. He stays behind with the others to help rebuild the guild while Loki hunts down the perpetrator.[2]