Invulnerable Siegfried
RO InvulnerableSiegfried
Usable by
Job Class Bard, Clown, Dancer, Gypsy
Type Active
Category Area of Effect (9x9 cells)
Levels 5
Cast Time none
Cooldown none
Other Information
Requirements Poem of Bragi Lv. 10 (Bard)
Fortune's Kiss Lv. 10 (Dancer)

Invulnerable Siegfried increases resistance against Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Status Effects of party members within the area of effect. Elemental and Status Effect resistance bonus are increased with skill level. This skill is an Ensemble.

On iRO, this skill is known as Acoustic Rhythm.


  • This skill once affected only Fire and Water resistance. That is how the skill initially worked, however, it has been patched to affect all element resistances.

Song Lyrics

RO InvulnerableSiegfriedSong

Brave hero Siegfried
Vanquished a mighty dragon
Its blood coated his skin
Making it impenetrable
Save for one tender spot
Blocked by a single leave from a linden tree

Siegfried was powerful
Certainly invincible
Save for those who knew of his secret
In the end, he was killed by a spear flung into his back
Set into motion by the wrath
And jealousy of a woman

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