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Jellopy Soup
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Inside the west wing.
Location Republic Library
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Jellopy Soup is a short story by Kim Crawford that is published by Muha Books, Co.

In-Game Text

Once upon a time, three gentle Sages wandered into a village recently ravaged by plague and drought. Tired from their long journey, they begged the villagers there for food and lodging, but alas, there was none.

"This village was just ravaged by plague and drought! There is no food here!" said the butcher.

"Of lodgings, we have none," said the Dancer.

But the Sages were not discouraged by this talk.

"If we can have but one Jellopy, we shall be on our way," the Sages bargained.

"One Jellopy! What can you do with just one Jellopy?!" asked the stupefied Super Novice.

"Why, make Jellopy Soup!" replied the Sages.

"Is it good?" asked the baby Crusader.

"Kind of," said the Sages. "But we need the freshest Jellopy we can find."

And so the entire village went hunting for Porings to get their Jellopy. While they were gone, the Sages took this chance to plunder the villagers' homes and then they lived happily ever after.


  • Jellopy Soup is a Ragnarok-themed parody of Stone Soup, an old European folklore.