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Jotunheim encompasses 2/3 of the map.
Countries unknown
Races Jotunn

Jotunheim, also known as Utgard, is the home world of the Jotunn or giants. It is also known as the Ash Vacuum by Midgardians.


Jotunheim is a realm coated in an eternal winter and rich in otherworldly ores. To the west of the realm lies the mining village of Manuk, built in the shadow of Kamidal Mountain. On the other side of the mountain lies the Sapha capital of El Dicastes.

Points of Interest


A meeting of two worlds.

Some time ago, the Laphine of Alfheim crossed the Bifrost and established a garrison on Jotunheim to investigate the land. They encountered hostilities from the native Saphas and the two races have been warring ever since.

In an effort to escape Midgardian warriors, Surt tore open a dimensional portal. The warriors followed after him and ended up in Jotunheim, which they dubbed the Ash Vacuum as they did not know what world they've stumbled into.