ANIM Keough
Gender Male
Job Class Knight
Race Norman
Voice Actor/Actress Takehito Koyasu (Japanese)
Robert McCollum (English)
First Appearance Episode 02
Family Yufa (sister)
Friends Dark Lord (master)
Iruga (formerly)
Roan (formerly)
Status Deceased

Keough is Yufa's elder brother, a knight, and currently a subordinate of the Dark Lord.



Keough is childhood friends with Iruga and accompanied him to investigate Glastheim. The ruins proved to be too much for the group and forced them to flee. However, their escape route was blocked by an Abysmal Knight.

Despite Iruga's protests, Keough distracted the knight as Iruga got Roan and Yufa out. Before Iruga could make it back, Keough was stabbed and the doors of Glastheim closed. In the beginning it is assumed he died, but the group later learns that he was brainwashed and corrupted by the Dark Lord. Keough's stab wound was made by a "Blade Lost in Darkness," which would become symbolic to what he had become.

His main purpose would be to lure Yufa to join the dark side, for she was holding a soul crystal vital for Dark Lord's revival. Merely seconds from death, Keough reforms and apologizes to Iruga for everything. His soul later appears in Yufa's dream sequence telling her not to choose the path he had taken and to follow Roan for he would protect her. Iruga nicknames him Haze after he turns to the dark side.