Kiel Jr.

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Kiel Jr.
RO KielJr.png
Kiehl's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Race Norman
Family Kiel Hyre (father)
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Kiel Jr. is the son of Kiel Hyre, the Founder of the Kiel Hyre Foundation.[1] He is well-known by students at the Kiel Hyre Academy, many of which worship him for being such a business genius.

On iRO, this character is localized as Kiehl.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Kiel Jr. is actually the first of Kiel Hyre's Second Generation robots, which were designed for Rekenber Corporation. Unfortunately, Rekenber decides to scrap the Second Generation as they were too faulty. The initial Condensed Memory Scrolls used for their processors were problematic and prone to errors. Kiel Jr. was the only Second Generation robot Kiel was allowed to keep. Kiel named the robot Kiel Jr. and treated him as his own child. Kiel then put Ellisia's ring inside of Kiel Jr.'s heart so that he would never forget what the Rossimers did to him. Because Kiel didn't properly raise Kiel Jr. with Norman morals and ethics, that and the ring itself provided enough hate to affect Kiel Jr.'s judgment on life.

Kiel takes Kiel Jr. under his wing and made him an apprentice. He learned everything that he could about robotics and eventually surpass his own father. Using his knowledge, Kiel Jr. develops the Third Generation robot, which is more sophisticated and powerful than its predecessor. The Third Generation robots were no longer built from mechanical framework but from homunculi, which makes them organic. Their artificial hearts were made from Rune Stones, imitations of Ymir's Heart fragments. They can experience physiological phenomena just like ordinary Normans and their Condensed Memory Scrolls were made more stable from its predecessor and can be mass-produced cheaply.

Eventually Kiel Jr.'s judgment went astray and he begins to work more closely with Rekenber to create destructive weapons by modifying the Third Generation robots to become killers. He creates a series of secret rooms underneath his own in the Kiel Hyre Mansion and keeps his project hidden from Kiel. When Kiel learns of Kiel Jr.'s secret collaborations with Rekenber, he goes to the Robot Factory to confront Kiel Jr.. They have an argument and Kiel Jr. locks up Kiel inside the Robot Factory. He then heads to the Kiel Hyre Academy where he and Wolkeus Kaiser, a mysterious bodyguard he hired, began modifying more of the students into killing machines. Among those affected were Alicel and Aliot, but somehow Ellyja was able to resist the modifications, becoming simply lifeless instead.

While working in the deepest part of his underground laboratory, Kiel Jr. is confronted by an adventurer that had been sent by his father to stop him. Kiel Jr. sends out a wave of modified Third Generation robots to stop the adventurer, all of which were easily defeated. Suddenly, Kiel Jr. is surrounded by Mitchell Layla and her fellow Schwarzwald agents to arrest him for creating weapons of mass destruction. Amused by the arrest, Kiel Jr. traps Mitchell and the agents and then transforms himself into a monstrous form to attack the adventurer himself. After a lengthy battle, the adventurer manages to defeat him and Kiel Jr. surrenders the ring he had inside of him. However, he then reveals his new body, Kiel-D-01, and flees the area.[2]

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

It's said that man was made in the image of the gods. Well, robots were made in the image of man. You Normans kill each other as much as you like, as far as I can tell. It might not be ethical for me to provide weapons to Normans that need them... But that's why they are weapons. It's more humane for robots to fight than Normans. Robots don't naturally feel pain or emotions.
~ Kiel Jr. when the adventurer meets up with him
Here, I'm aware that father sent you to get this. Consider it my final gift to him. I'm surprised he left this ring inside me though. I imagine it must be precious to him. I also have a message I would like you to give to him. The body I'm using right now? I made it myself with the most advanced technology. Consider it a Fourth Generation robot, if you will. Father will understand. Also, we have three minutes to evacuate. You're a worthy opponent and a Norman I respect. I don't know if we'll meet again in the future, but who knows? I'll open the exit for you. Farewell.
~ Kiel Jr. giving the ring to the adventurer

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