Kim Hakkyu

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Kim Hakkyu
Born November 1
Nationality South Korean
Occupation(s) Game developer

Kim Hakkyu is reputed as "father to Korean online games". He used to be the lead developer for Ragnarok Online, a MMORPG which conquered gamers throughout Asia, and former CEO of GRAVITY Co. Ltd.

History[edit | edit source]

Kim Hakkyu made his debut in the gaming industry when he released “Lychnis” in 1994 as a director of Artcraft Team. In 1998, Artcraft split into two companies, Softmax and Gravity Soft. Kim Hakkyu spearheaded Gravity Soft and with co-developer Sonnori released “Acturus”.[1]

In April 2000, Kim Jung Ryool joined Gravity Soft as investor and chairman on board and changed the name to “Gravity”. With the new addition to the team, Kim Hakkyu continued to develop one of the world's most popular MMORPG game, Ragnarok Online.[2]

On 16th April 2002, following the release of Ragnarok Online and a conflict between Kim Hakkyu and Kim Jung Ryool, Kim Hakkyu resigned as CEO of Gravity to take a break and concentrate on game development.[3] In the same year, Kim Hakkyu established IMC Games Co., Ltd. with their motto: Impress, Motivate and Connect.[4][5] From then on he started to conceive Granado Espada. Kim Hakkyu said the reason RO was designed in a cartoon and fantasy style is because it was restricted by the original works. Granado Espada is a game of his dream. When he was still a child, Kim Hakkyu took a liking to Mayan Culture and ancient civilization of Inca Empire. While visiting Europe countries, the beautiful architecture and the environment gave Kim Hakkyu the inspiration to develop his dream game Granado Espada.[6] Soon, Granado Espada was released in 14th February 2006.

In 2011, development began on a game known as Project R1.[7] The game was eventually revealed as Tree of Savior in 2013.[8]

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