Kunlun Games

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Kunlun Games
Type Private company
Industry Software
Founded 2008
Headquarters China
Products MMORPG and Mobile video games
Subsidiaries Koram Games Limited
Website Kunlun Games Chinese

Kunlun Games was the third publisher of the Chinese server for Ragnarok Online (cRO) after its original publisher Softworld Beijing and its second publisher Shanda Interactive Entertainment shut it down. Kunlun Games has set up offices in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, the U.S., Taiwan, and Europe since 2009.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2010, Kunlun Games launched RaidCall, a free voice chat service aimed at the gaming community.[1]

On 2012 March 30, GRAVITY signed a contract with Kunlun Games to reopen cRO and began services on 2013 February 28.[2]

In November of 2013, Kunlun Games decided to terminate their contract to host a cRO2 server after evaluating the game's performance in southeast Asia and on the international server.[3]

About 3 years after launching cRO, Kunlun Games was unable to renew their contract with GRAVITY and shut down their RO servers on 2016 February 19.[4]

In March and April of 2019, the last remaining RaidCall servers (Taiwan and Russia) shut down, ending nine years of operation for the once popular voice chat service.[5]

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