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A closer look at Kyugesu's eye and mask.
Gender Male
Job Class Bounty Hunter
Race Norman
Main Weapon a giant sword
First Appearance Volume 1 (Ragnarok)
Thought you could hide from me, did you?
~ Kyugesu

Kyugesu is a hunter who seeks Sakray for the huge bounty on his head.


He is able to track down his targets by following the energy trail left behind. It is suspected that his strange-looking right eye is what allows him to see this energy.


Kyugesu managed to track down Sakray and prepares to claim his reward while the Cursed Prosecutor tells his sword that another victim has come to sate its thirst for blood. The two of them engage in battle with Kyugesu summoning 3 Death Puppets to attack Sakray. Sakray easily takes them down as well as Kyugesu himself, revealing that all 4 were puppet bodies. Kyugesu's real form was a bald man with the ability to merge into trees to hide while his puppets did his work for him. Upon realizing this, Sakray strikes down Kyugesu where he hid and satiates his sword with the man's blood.[1]