Lab-OPTATIO Explosion

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Lab-OPTATIO Explosion
Participants Lona Fresa
Date 500 years ago
Location Verus City

The Lab-OPTATIO Explosion is a massive explosion that rocked the city of Verus to its very core. It is believed to be the reason why Verus became abandoned.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

On the first day of the sixth month, chief researcher and director Lona Fresa is assisted by fellow scientists Federico, Artemia, Silvia, and Vincent in research and development of a project in the Lab-OPTATIO district of Verus City. Known as Research Project 32001, the goal of the project was to use a particle accelerator to create materials that have never existed in Midgard. With the aid of MA-4885, or Mother Computer, the team began their experiment in the morning at 10:25am. During the experiment, a dimensional distortion occurred between the catalyst and the accelerator, causing a monster to emerge from the accelerator. At 11:20am, the decision was made to postpone the experiment, but the Mother Computer continued on. Lona tried to terminate the particle accelerator project at 11:38am , noting the reason being the malfunctioning of the Mother Computer and accelerator overheat. She then attempted to shut down power to the Mother Computer and the computer seemed to acknowledge her commands. Suddenly, the Mother Computer initiated CODE NAME - DESCENT and began syncing both their dimension and the connected demi-plane.[1]

An alert was initiated throughout the laboratory and everyone in the building was hurried into the underground air raid bunker. The force of the experiment exploded the laboratory, causing panic to spread throughout Verus. Those who were able to escape to the underground bunker were able to see the chaos that ensued via monitors linked to cameras outside. The amount of survivors that made it into the bunker totaled to 326.

20 bioengineers
16 mechanics/technicians
27 facilities managers
10 chemical substance specialists
253 composed of cafeteria staff, distribution directors, health professionals, and adventurers

Lona became the defacto leader of the survivors and set to work managing the situation. It was estimated by Lora, a cafeteria staff, that the bunker held about 40 days of food for the 326 survivors. Bioengineers worked to create self-growing produce and succeeded in 17 days. Air purifiers were constructed, but their inefficient and immense size required strong adventurers to distribute them throughout the bunker.[2] Although things went well at first, by the 30th day, the situation in the bunker turned for the worse as people became ill and began convulsing all at once.[3] A contaminant was discovered and supplies were quickly moved to uncontaminated areas of the bunker.[4] After about a month and a half of living in the bunker, the decision was made to attempt to escape by way of creating an underground tunnel in order to avoid the energy storm.[5] It is inferred that most every survivor did not make it aside from Lona in a semi-functioning state that left her amnesiac.[6]

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