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Lakeside Castle
Level 85 - 99
RO LakesideCastle.jpg
Race Norman
Affiliation Amatsu
Location Northwest of Amatsu
Technical Name(s) ama_dun01, ama_dun02, ama_dun03

Lakeside Castle, or Toukoujyo, is an ancient 5-story structure which is the residence of the current feudal lord, Ishida Yoshinaga. Hidden entryways to certain areas lie somewhere in the castle.

Tatami Maze

Tatami is a traditional Japanese floor mat. It is said that the floor of the dungeon consists of Tatami and many doors. Before you go into the dungeon, you should be aware of one thing: Not everything you see with the naked eye is as you think. Some passageways could lead you to a dead end or you may pass through walls. If you carefully watch your step, you may be able to figure out where you are or where you should go.[1]

Underground Forest Battlefield

If you successfully pass through the Tatami maze, you will find yourself in a dungeon appropriately named the "Underground Battle Field." It is a gruesome place where many battles have taken place.[2]

Underground Amatsu Shrine

The last floor of the dungeon, called the "Underground Shrine", is beyond the Underground Battle Field. It is also known as the "Haunted Shrine" as it was sealed and forgotten by those who once kept watch over it. One day the secret of the shrine may be found, but for now, the shrine chills the blood of those who gaze upon its grim exterior.[3]


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