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Saphas interacting with the Laphines.

Laphines are a race of fairy-like people that reside in Alfheim. They are tasked with managing Yggdrasil and protecting the world tree's magic power.

They established their realm of Alfheim close to Asgard.


Laphines have never made contact with anyone outside of Asgard for hundreds of years. But when they discovered Yggdrasil's power waning, they decided to attend the high courts for the first time in about a thousand years since the war between the gods and Magicians. It is because of Yggdrasil's sickness that they've set up an expedition to explore the Dimensional Gaps and seek a cure for the world tree's ailment.

As the Laphines have a close bond with Yggdrasil, they consider its roots to be very sacred. Servitude to Nidhoggr's Nest (Holy Sekos) is passed down from father to son, mother to daughter. When Arioss arrived in Splendide, there were 3 servants for the nest. During a battle with the Saphas, one servant was killed and another was taken prisoner.

A previous king, Mayor Jun Seneth, was the first king of mixed blood. But because he scorned his impure heritage, he became a tyrant.


There exists two kinds of Laphines: Papang and Donas. Between the two variations, males typically have sharp points to their wings while females have curved edges to their wings.


Papang are normal Laphines with fair skin and small wings.


Donas are are Laphines that are taller than Papang Laphines and are considered gorgeous with pale skin and big wings. Donas Laphines are more proficient with magic than Papang Laphines and it is because of this attribute that Donas Laphines are selected to be kings.


Laphine language does not have a particular name for it. At this point, the majority of the language is very indecipherable without the Ring of the Ancient Wise King.

Laphine Primer

  • yai = house
  • Holy Sekos = Nidhoggr's Nest
  • tal = halt
  • Mayor Jun = king honorific

Laphine Names

  • Serpeone - A Sage visiting the United Midgard Alliance camp.
  • Arc - A soldier stationed at Splendide.
  • Terra - A friend of Arc who is also a soldier stationed at Splendide.
  • Grenouille - A scientist stationed at Splendide.
  • Lebiordirr - Commander of the Splendide garrison.
  • Arioss - Lebiordirr's aide.
  • Theodore
  • Pauchon
  • Kusmi
  • Daphrer
  • Fili
  • Erinn

Job Classes

Mayor Jun

Mayor Juns are kings that are chosen from Donas Laphines. Each Mayor Jun inherits the memories of all previous Mayor Juns in order to rule the Laphines with the best wisdom. It is from this process that Donas Laphines were born. Even though only Donas Laphines are considered for kingship, it is not unheard of for a Mayor Jun to be half Donas and half Papang.

Mayor Juns are neither elected nor are they blood relations of the previous king. No one knows who the next Mayor Jun is until the current Mayor Jun passes away. When the Mayor Jun dies, his memories are passed on to another Donas Laphine who then becomes the new Mayor Jun. When the Mayor Jun receives the memories of the previous Mayor Jun, he undergoes a transformation that makes him look physically different from his fellow Donas Laphines.


Soldiers are military fighters that protect their fellow Laphines from harm. They also serve as escorts for important expeditions.

Notable Laphines