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Lidia and Sessy on the cover of Volume 8.
Gender Female
Job Class Thief
Race Norman
Alignment Neutral
Main Weapon daggers
Family unknown father
Friends Ses, Iris Irine, Fenris Fenrir, Loki
First Appearance Volume 1 (Ragnarok)
Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
What a boring day. Don't you think, Sessy?
~ Lidia

Lidia (Korean: 리디아) is a thief who travels with a two-tailed cat named Ses. She fancies herself a treasure hunter like her father, and is searching the world over for magical artifacts. Her greatest wish is to find Alfheim, the hidden city of the elves, and acquire the one treasure (the treasure of Avariel in the original release) her father could never locate. She often refers to her Treasure Hunter Bible to figure out clues left behind by her father.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Lidia first comes across Chaos and Iris when they were on their way to turn in a bounty for Faceworm fangs. Not able to resist the desire to profit off someone else's hard work, Lidia immediately steals the fang that was being carried by Iris. When she goes to the Alberta reward office to collect the bounty, she is caught by both Chaos and Iris. But upon seeing Iris' legendary sword, she decides to return the fang in exchange for stealing Cheongryongdo. Her plan quickly backfires as Cheongryongdo electrocutes her to oblivion when she gets her hands on it.[1]

She follows Chaos and Iris to Payon. There, she seeks out loot in the middle of the night until she was found out by Lady Irine who warns her that severe consequences will follow if she goes ahead with her thieving tendencies[2]

She is later wandering through a forest with Sessy when the airship that Chaos and the others were riding on came crashing down upon them. She ends up traveling with Iris and Loki for a bit until they came to the city of Geffen.[3] There she discovers the hidden entrance to the lost kingdom of Geffenia and goes in, followed closely behind by Loki and Reina.[4]

Upon landing in the elven realm, Reina and Lidia get into an argument about Lidia's real reason for finding Alfheim when they are attacked by Zanzibar Hellmod and his bodyguard Julianna Lucille. Loki tries to fend off Julianna, but she manages to get past him and wound both Ses and Reina. Not wanting to leave them to their fates, Lidia reluctantly feeds Reina her only Idunn's Apple in order to heal her (while Ses got the weaker Idunn's Hound).[5]