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Lisa Kahn Himmelmez
Ragnarok manhwa7.jpg
Himmelmez on the cover of Volume 7.
Gender Female
Job Class Valkyrie/Necromancer
Race Norman
Alignment Lawful Evil
Main Weapon Wand of Hel (wand)
Friends Bijou
First Appearance Volume 5 (Ragnarok)
Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
The creation of the perfect world... through the utter destruction of the old. How poetic.
~ Himmelmez

Lisa Kahn Himmelmez, or simply Himmelmez, is another of the twelve Valkyries of Freyja. She seems to be close friends with the witch, Bijou.


Himmelmez is a powerful necromancer and her necromancy has surpassed lich levels. She has vast hordes of undead beasts at her disposal, and her Cloak of Darkness can transform into many different weapons, including axe-blades, drills, and even a giant cannon. Her main weapon is called the Wand of Hel, which controls zombies and it also transforms into the Goth Rapier, which imparts lethal poison. No antidote in the world can dispel the poison from her Goth Rapier and only the Ring of Mimir can purge its poison, which she possesses.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Many years ago, Himmelmez attacked Glastheim while King Schmitz Von Walter was away. Her mission was originally to acquire the heart for Freyja, but Himmelmez would rather have it for herself to become a full-fledged goddess.[1] She turned every member of the Khalitzburg and White Knight Knightages into undead hordes against their commander Heinrich and Varmundt and his adventurers. She managed to reach the inner sanctum of the castle where a Heart of Ymir laid. However, a knight name Geralt stood in her way and kept her from taking the heart for herself. She eventually overpowers him and tortures him with her magic as punishment for getting in her way. Just then, Heinrich and the others arrive and the commander pleaded with Himmelmez to let Geralt go. Himmelmez mocked him instead and turns Geralt into Amdarais. She assures Heinrich that they'll meet again and disappeared from Glastheim with the heart.[2]

Himmelmez and her undead forces later encounters Chaos and his band while searching for the Heart of Ymir in Prontera. She was defeated by Chaos and Loki within her floating fortress, the Dark Whisper, and finished off by fellow valkyrie Sarah after she discovers Himmelmez's hidden agenda for the heart. In her last moments, she is forgiven by a deceased Bijou.[3]