Longing for Freedom
RO LongingForFreedom
Usable by
Job Class Clown, Gypsy
Type Active
Category Supportive
Levels 5
Cast Time none
Cooldown none
Other Information
Requirements Dissonance Lv. 3, Music Lessons Lv. 10, Marionette Control Lv. 1 (Clown)
Ugly Dance Lv. 3, Dance Lessons Lv. 10, Marionette Control Lv. 1 (Gypsy)

Longing for Freedom enables movement during an ensemble skill. It also allows the use of normal attacks and skills besides ensemble skills. Lastly, ASPD and Movement Speed, when Longing for Freedom is activated, is affected by the skill's level.


  • Longing for Freedom is canceled when the caster moves out of the ensemble's skill range or uses the Adaptation to Circumstances skill. It is worth noting that if cells of the duet are destroyed by skills like Ganbantein, a character under the influence of Longing for Freedom will terminate the duet if the cell they are standing on is affected, while a partner not using Longing for Freedom will not.
  • 3 SP with be drained from the caster every (x) seconds throughout the ensemble's duration.

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