Loomin: 1st Class Secret

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Loomin: 1st Class Secret
RO Loomin1stClassSecret.jpg
Inside the holy ground's secret library.
Location Sessrumnir
(ra_san04 137/47)

Loomin: 1st Class Secret is a mysterious case file located within the holy grounds of Sessrumnir.

In-Game Text[edit | edit source]

Loomin, the Boy Trapped in the Ice Cave
Class: 1st

The pope was born together with a twin brother, a fair-skinned boy with pale skin and silver blonde hair. This has never happened before and presented a unique problem.

High Priest Niren acted as their maternity nurse and came to Rael, where the twins were cared for by the priests. They all argued over the boy's ultimate fate...

No one doubted that the boy was spiritually powerful, but was he a sacred complement to his sister or a great evil that was in direct opposition to her? It was a grueling debate.

In the end, the High Priests decided that the boy posed a great risk to their society. People may not consider the pope's birth as divine if they knew she had a twin brother.

However, not wanting to fear the wrath of the gods, the High Priests did not kill the boy. Instead, they sealed him in the Ice Cave.

The High Priests made a contract with Ktullanux, a fearsome ice monster, to guard the boy's prison and to ensure that no one would ever release the pope's twin.

Regrettably, they forced the beast to cooperate by threatening to melt down the Ice Cave with four Flames of Thor from Thor's Volcano.