Lord of the Dead
RO LordOfTheDead
Class MVP
Level 94
Size Large
Type Demon
Element Shadow
Natural Habitat Niflheim

Lord of the Dead or Lord of Death is the champion of the undead and death. He possesses unholy strength and remarkable power. He does not possess free will and his mind is inexorably entwined to Death.

Lord of the Dead originated from Hel, the Realm of the Dead.

Lord of the Dead has a huge lance (it is known to most as Shining Spear Blade) on his right arm as his main weapon. He also carries a huge Cross Shield with some decorated enchantment engraved to it. He also wear an iconic helm called the Lord of the Dead Helm which is known to have some mystical power to the wearer. He rides a white armoured Nightmare that was brought with him from Hel. It is said that it is the king of Nightmares.[1]



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