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A world map depicting half of Midgard.

Maps are visual depictions of where locations are situated within the world of the game. In both Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok Online II, the Map features are essential tools to find resources, monsters, and towns.

Minimap[edit | edit source]

In both RO and RO2, the minimap gives players a quick glimpse of where they are on the current map. In RO the minimap can display the entire map while in RO2 the map only displays a certain area.

Ragnarok Online[edit | edit source]

RO's minimap is very basic in that it allows players to zoom in and out of the map they are on. Players can adjust the opacity of the map or make it disappear by pressing Ctrl + Tab or clicking on the Map button.

Talking to a guide NPC in a town was the only way to find certain things on the minimap such as inns and weapon shops. The guide NPC would then mark the map with various + signs of different colors to indicate the location. If you only have one location marked on the minimap, zooming all the way in on the minimap will cause a blue arrow to pop up to indicate the direction of the + mark. The + signs can only be removed either by going to the marked location or by asking the guide NPC to remove all marks.

It wasn't until the Navigation System was added in 2012 that icons were added to the minimap. Clicking on an icon on the minimap will activate the navigation system to lead players to the selected icon.

  • Guide NPCs are indicated by a magnifying glass icon. (Minimap MagnifyingGlass.png)
  • Inns are indicated by a bed icon. (Minimap Bed.png)
  • Storage NPCs are indicated by a chest icon. (Minimap Chest.png)
  • Tool Dealers are indicated by a potion icon. (Minimap Potion.png)
  • Weapon Dealers are indicated by a sword icon. (Minimap Sword.png)
  • Armor Dealers are indicated by a shield icon. (Minimap Shield.png)
  • Repairmen are indicated by a hammer icon. (Minimap Hammer.png)
  • Quest NPCs are indicated by a yellow plus sign. (+)
  • Portals are indicated by a red dot.

Minimap icons will only lead players to NPCs that deal in Zeny, which means players cannot utilize them to find NPC vendors that deal in Splendide Coins, Manuk Coins, and Mora Coins. At this time, there is no option to disable the icons on the minimap.

Ragnarok Online II[edit | edit source]

The minimap in RO2.

RO2's minimap reflects modern MMORPG features such as a channel menu and a dungeon finder. A later update added a server time display.

Minimap icons can be enabled and disabled by clicking on the right arrow on the Map window.

World Maps[edit | edit source]

RO never had a world map in-game until 2007 when it was implemented along with the Battlegrounds update. In comparison, RO2 was developed to be launched with a world map of its own.

The default hotkeys to access the world map is Ctrl + ~ in RO while it is M in RO2. RO2's world map can be displayed in 3 different opacities by pressing M multiple times.

Monster Hunting[edit | edit source]

Exclusive to RO is the ability to find prime spots to hunt certain monsters as well as the preferred level range of every map. To use this, open up the world map and click on the Poring with a magnifying glass located on the bottom right corner. This also shows dungeon monsters and level ranges as well.

RO2's version of this feature only activates when on a hunting quest. Monsters corresponding to the hunting quest will show up as red dots on the minimap.

Party & Guild Indicators[edit | edit source]

Indicators showing party members and guildmembers will show up on the World Map.

  • Party Members - Highlighted as pink dots on the world map in RO. In RO2, party members are indicated as purple dots.
  • Guildmembers - In RO, guildmembers are indicated by pink triangles on the world map. In RO2, guildmembers are indicated as blue dots.

Patches[edit | edit source]

Ragnarok Online

  • Patch (2019 Jun. 19)
    • The name of the map being entered is now shown at the top of the screen.
  • Patch (2018 May 02)
    • Convenience NPC's head will be added to the minimap guide icons.
  • Patch (2017 Nov. 08)
    • World map will be improved to allow navigation to dungeons when used.
  • Patch (2016 Nov. 16)
    • Improved to display new map in World Map image.
  • Patch (2016 Mar. 30)
    • Added the command '/minimap' which hides extra Minimap options (Navigation, Magnifying Glass or Extended Map).
    • Added an 'ON/OFF' command to make the Minimap follow the character.
  • Patch (2014 Jan. 08)
    • The World Map is renewed:
      • New World and localized maps are added.
      • NPCs and monsters will we added to the search function.
      • The navigation route will be displayed on the World Map.
      • The World Map will show the airship route but it will not show the real position.
  • Patch (2012 May 30)
    • Changed the mini-map to show a more accurate position of oneself on the map.
    • Fixed a bug where the NPC location marker on the minimap was visible through the World Map window.
  • Patch (2009 Nov. 18)
    • On the World Map screen (ctrl + `), you can now use 'alt' to toggle field names and 'tab' to toggle the monster map.
  • Patch (2009 Jul. 15)
    • The monster information button on the World Map has been moved to the lower right and has a new image.
  • Patch (2007 Dec. 05)
    • The World Map system has been added.
      • The shortcut key is Ctrl + ` (left of the 1 key on most keyboards).
      • You can view the minimap by clicking on that map.
      • Party members are indicated on the map, and you can view their names by mousing over that map. Party members also show up on that maps minimap.
      • You can also view your own position within the game world.
  • Patch (2004 Dec. 14)
    • Party member display on the minimap has been modified to make it easier to see.
  • Patch (2003 Dec. 30)
    • Members of the same guild will now appear as pink triangles on the mini map if on the same map. Previously, only party members were visually represented.

Ragnarok Online II