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The Master Level System allows players to customize the performance of their characters. Offering nearly infinite customizability of your equipment, stats, and skill choices, the Master Level System will expand your capabilities beyond anything you’ve seen before!

Unique equipment, skills and going over the normal limits of your class are all options available using the newly earned mastery points, which replace EXP for Master Level characters. To make sure your equipment is also as powerful as you will be, the refinement system is revamped to allow higher and easier to obtain upgrade levels. Allowing +20 to be available, and for each +1 to be worth quite a bit more combat improvement than the current system.

Crafters and Raiders also have more reason to celebrate, with new recipes for crafting new Master Level only equipment using raid gear as ingredients both more active raiding options and crafting demand will be available too.[1]

Master Levels

You have to be level 50 in both battle job and life job professions before you can become a Master Class. Visit Gilgamesh in Morocc City for the Master Class quest.

To get Master Levels

  1. Once you finish the Master Class quest, your Class/Job experience points will be replaced with Mastery Points. Mastery Points are needed to level up your Master Levels.
  2. You need to purchase Master Levels with your Mastery Points and Rupis.
    • The higher the level, the more Mastery Points and Rupis are needed.
    • You gain 5 stat points with each Master Level increase.

Rank System

After gaining 10 Master Levels, you can achieve a rank. These are the ranks you can get after 10 levels: D, C, B, A, and S Rank. This patch will have ranks D and C (at Master Level 10 and 20).

In order to get a rank, complete the Rank Up quests from Gilgamesh in Morocc City. After completing a Rank Up quest, the next set of Master Levels will be unlocked.

Death Penalty

Following in the footsteps of Ragnarok Online, players in RO2 will now have a death penalty that affects Mastery Points. 5% of Mastery Points required will be lost upon death. Resurrecting by using a Blue Spinel will return 50% of the Mastery Points lost upon death.

The penalty will not apply in WoE, Colosseum, and Grandmaster Je Hoon's Training Site. You will get the penalty if you are killed by a monster in the WoE map.[2]

Child of Ymir

Each Norman job class now has a special Ymir Child form that they can activate to receive special buffs.


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  • iRO2 Patch (2017 Aug. 07)
    • Death Penalty: Master Level death penalty has been changed so that level-appropriate MP is lost.
    • Death Penalty: MP can no longer be lost in Alberta, Morocc, Prontera, Prontera Battlefield, and Morocc Fortress.
  • Patch (2013 Jan. 22)
    • Dying will now remove 5% of the Mastery Points required for your next level. For example, if a Master Level 1 requires 1,000 Mastery Points to get to Master Level 2, upon death they can only lose up to 50 Mastery Points. Originally, death would remove 10% of Mastery Points earned.