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Matthew disciplining his men.
Gender Male
Job Class Guard
Race Norman
Main Weapon Spear
Friends Chaos
Iris Irine
First Appearance Volume 2 (Ragnarok)
Make a promise with me... that we never let the other do wrong—no matter what the cost.
~ Matthew to Chaos

Matthew is the commanding leader of the Payon guards. His hair resembles a rooster's crest, leading Chaos to call him 'chicken head'.[1] He has a blatant infatuation with Iris but never lets it get in the way of duty.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

When Chaos first came to live in Payon, Matthew protested that Iris hangs out with Chaos too much. This argument eventually escalated into a fight in which Matthew lost to Chaos. In the aftermath, the two become good friends and Matthew asks Chaos to promise to lead him right if he ever did wrong.[2]

Matthew was amongst the first line of defense against the Sarah's Giants at the battle for Payon. He was eventually killed when Chaos accidentally summoned Nidhoggr who leveled everything to the ground with its massive roar.[3]

Later, at the battle for the Heart of Ymir, Matthew was resurrected by Himmelmez as an undead to fight against Chaos. It took everything in Chaos to make him kill his friend again, to which Matthew thanked him for keeping his promise.[4]