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RO MechanicSymbol.png Mechanic
Character Mechanic.jpg
Mechanic concept art for RO.
Job Tier 3rd Class
Job Base Blacksmith, Whitesmith
RO Job Bonuses
+8 +4 +8 +6 +5 +6
RO2 Job Bonuses
none none none none none

No longer content with forging standard weapons, the Whitesmiths once again seek a way to expand their skills. Their quest for fame and fortune has lead them to Juno, and through research of the ancient Juperos civilization they discover a bold new technology - a fusion of magic and machine. Armed with this new knowledge, those elite Whitesmiths become Mechanics (Korean: 미케닉).

Versatile warriors capable of weilding Axes, or fighting with the aid of special robot suits known as Magic Gear. When equipped with the Magic Gear, useable skills and abilities change drastically. A Mechanic can no longer use any of his old Blacksmith skills while riding in the Magic Gear, but instead is granted with powerful long-range attacks and supportive skills... all at a price, of course.[1][2]


These drivers of Magic Gears, or Madogear, use various attack and complementary skills that are completely new to the world of Ragnarok. By configuring a variety of Magic Gear equipment items, Mechanics are highly flexible in terms of skill customization and character growth. A Mechanic's attack strength, defense, movement, attack speed, and complementary skills including Self Destruction are completely reliant on equipment sets. Therefore, the Mechanic can change character attributes anytime they want as long as they have the right equipment.

While the three states--the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, Schwarzwald Republic, and Arunafeltz Empire--were on the brink of war, a Schwarzwald scholar invented a new machine from the bodies of the mechanical monsters from Aldebaran's Clock Tower and Juperos Ruins. He named this combination of ancient technology and magic "Magic Gear" and presented it to the entire world as the epitome of a new world power.

Infatuated with this groundbreaking technology, which was easier and more practical than the mysterious mana that was wielded by many but truly understood by few, many youngsters and researchers adopted the use of the new Magic Gear with great enthusiasm. People quickly came to call these drivers of the Magic Gear Mechanics.[3]

Job Change Quest

See Job Change to Mechanic

Notable Mechanics


Only Normans are able to become Mechanics by trade.


jRO redesign of Mechanic.

Mechanics can equip gear designated as:

  • Mechanic Classes Only
  • 3rd Class Only
  • All Classes


Mechanics can utilize the following weapons:


RO MagicGearLicense.png Magic Gear License RO MainframeRestructure.png Mainframe Restructure
RO AxeTraining.png Axe Training RO ResearchFireEarth.png Research Fire/Earth
RO AxeBoomerang.png Axe Boomerang RO ArmCannon.png Arm Cannon
RO FlameLauncher.png Flame Launcher RO ColdShower.png Cold Shower
RO SelfDestruction.png Self Destruction RO PowerSwing.png Power Swing
RO PileBunker.png Pile Bunker RO VulcanArm.png Vulcan Arm
RO BoostKnuckle.png Boost Knuckle RO AxeTornado.png Axe Tornado
RO NeutralBarrier.png Neutral Barrier RO Hover.png Hover
RO InfraredScan.png Infrared Scan RO MagneticField.png Magnetic Field
RO Analyze.png Analyze RO BacksideSlide.png Backside Slide
RO FrontsideSlide.png Frontside Slide RO FAW-Removal.png FAW - Removal
RO FAW-SilverSniper.png FAW - Silver Sniper RO FAW-MagicDecoy.png FAW - Magic Decoy
RO ShapeShift.png Shape Shift RO StealthField.png Stealth Field
RO Repair.png Repair RO Acceleration.png Acceleration
RO EmergencyCool.png Emergency Cool RO LavaFlow.png Lava Flow
RO FullThrottle.png Full Throttle

Advanced Jobs

Mechanics are the highest tier on this job branch and cannot advance any further.

1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class Transcendant
Merchant Blacksmith Mechanic Whitesmith

Magic Gear

For more information, see Magic Gear.



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