For the character from the MMORPG, see Melopsum.
ANIM Melopsum
Gender Female
Job Class Witch
Race Norman
Voice Actor/Actress Rumi Ochiai (Japanese)
Christine Auten (English)
First Appearance Episode 13
Family Unknown
Friends Presuming Roan
Status Alive

Melopsum is a shape-shifting Witch who was responsible for a tragedy at Comodo many years ago (although it has been implied that is was just a misinterpreted tale).


Despite being a mysterious and devious witch, Melopsum was very wise.


Melopsum seems to be associated with Baphomet, but is a largely mysterious character. She has a particular interest in Roan. She first changed into a Crusader in Izlude Island and saves Roan and convinces him to become a Crusader. Then she changes into an Archer in Payon to teach him the true path that power isn't everything and finally a Monk when Roan is trapped in a cave near Comodo, teaching him not to use the sword arrogantly and that pure strength is not enough. In her last appearance to Roan, she (and two dancers indirectly) teach Roan to tell the enemies moves and gives him a sword that was used to seal herself away, entrusting him to use it to protect those he loved.


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