Mercenary Rebellion

Mercenary Rebellion

Participants mercenaries, Rekenber Corporation, Varmundt
Date A.W. 781 - 782[1]
Location Schwarzwald

The Mercenary Rebellion is a conflict in which mercenaries of Schwarzwald united to fight against Rekenber Corporation's robotic Guardians in revenge for the death of one of their own. Not only that, they also did not like how the introduction of the Guardians basically made the mercenaries obsolete in terms of upholding the peace and defending the towns.[2]

Unfortunately, the mercenaries were no match for the size and strength of the Guardians. In a last ditch effort, the mercenaries planned to team up with Doctor Varmundt, who also shared their sentiments against Rekenber. On the day they were to meet up with the professor at his mansion, Rekenber sent Guardians to wipe the rest of them out. In the ensuing battle, Varmundt disappeared and most of the mercenaries were all but killed in the fight. This fight marked the last battle of the rebellion.[3]


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