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Merpeople are an undersea race that reside in the oceans of Midgard. They worship a mysterious sea god.


Since the Age of Gods, merpeople have always sought to conquer the world above. Their invasions were generally limited to the land around Izlude and mostly involved mermen.

300 years after the end of the Age of Gods, it is discovered that the merpeople consists of mermaids in addition to mermen. Since the sinking of Izlude they have begun moving to land, establishing settlements along Izlude Beach. In recent years, they've split into two factions: one that wishes for the destruction of the Norman race and another wishing to reside peacefully with their equally intelligent denizens of Midgard.


Merpeople have a largely fishy appearance, although they've evolved to be somewhat less fishy in the Neu Era.

Job Classes

Merpeople are typically limited to Warriors.