Metz Brayde

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Metz Brayde
RO MetzBrayde.png
Metz's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Archaeologist
Race Norman
Friends Arian, Gaanan, Daewoon, Sir Jore, Jesqurienne, Dearles, Bakerlan
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Metz Brayde is an archaeologist who seeks the ancient elven realm of Alfheim.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One day, Metz encounters an adventurer who came to him asking about the notices posted all over Rune-Midgarts. He asks the adventurer to come back later after he was finished doing some business. When the adventurer next returned, Metz properly introduces himself and tells the adventurer that he seeks to find the elven realm known as Alfheim. When the adventurer agrees to help him out, Metz discloses that he is unsure if the adventurer is as fit as he/she claims and so decides to test the adventurer. He then sends the adventurer to go visit his friends located all over the kingdom and says that if the adventurer can return with 7 Crumbs of Sobbing Starlight, he will tell the adventurer everything.

Upon returning with 6 Crumbs of Sobbing Starlight, Metz reveals that he has the seventh and proceeds to tell the adventurer how he came across a Sobbing Starlight during an expedition on Mt. Mjolnir. Once it was exposed to the air, the crystal shattered into the 7 crumbs that now lay in both Metz's and the adventurer's hands. Despite that, Metz believes the crumbs can be forged back into the original crystal and tells the adventurer that he/she would be informed right away as soon as he found the right artisan.[1]

When the adventurer corresponds with Metz some time later, the archaeologist exclaims that he had discovered a master Blacksmith who would have the skills to forge the Sobbing Starlight: a man by the name of Engel Howard. Unfortunately, Metz doesn't know where the Blacksmith was located and told the adventurer to seek out his family in Geffen.

The adventurer returns with the fully forged Sobbing Starlight, which delights Metz to no end. But the celebration is short-lived as Metz still cannot decipher the ancient text within the crystal. He sends the adventurer back to Geffen to see a wizard at the top of the Geffen Tower whom he believes would be able to transcribe the text.

Metz is again elated when the adventurer returns with a Record of Ancient Language. He looks over the text and becomes dejected as he sees that the language is too ancient for his understanding. He recommends that the adventurer take the text to a man name Frank Franklin, whom he believes possess the knowledge necessary to translate the text.[2]

The adventurer returns with the Translated Ancient Language, which Metz immediately begins to read. He figures out that the "skyscraper" mentioned in the text refers to the Geffen Tower, but becomes perplexed on "a town where the rejected are left behind."[3]

A long time passes before the adventurer meets Metz again, this time with The Sign. Overjoyed to see proof of his belief, Metz asks the adventurer if he could examine the artifact in detail and advises the adventurer to return for it in a few hours.

When the adventurer returns, Metz suggests that the adventurer takes The Sign to Engel to unlock its full potential. When the adventurer returns with the refined accessory, Metz thanks the adventurer for helping him out and fulfill his dream of confirming the existence of the Sign. He bids the adventurer farewell and hopes he/she returns to chat sometime.[4]

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