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Midgard Allied Forces Post
Level 120 - 130
RO MidgardAlliedForcesPost.jpg
The Alliance camp near the portal.
Type Camp
Race Norman
Government Military
Rulers Commander Hibba Agip
Faiths Odin
Location Jotunheim

The Midgard Allied Forces Post is the base of operations for the United Midgard Alliance, located around the dimensional portal.

This place is also known as the Rune-Midgard Allied Forces Post.


In Rune-Midgarts' recent history, catastrophe and destruction came to pass. Surt was freed and annihilated Morocc, altering the world forever. But even during this darkest moment, the light of Heroism shone through and hope still remains.

The invincible Surt fled before his life was snuffed out by the Heroes of the world. The inter-dimensional Rift that his passage created is a landmark to heroism`s resolve in these legendary days. But even disaster brings opportunity. It seems only fitting that if Surt invades our land, it is only fair that we invade his! So now eager adventurers are planning extended campaigns into what is being called the "Ash Vacuum". This strange land that is so different from Midgard still can be won by the spirit of Adventure and Bravery! [1]


Midgard Allied Forces Post was built on a Jotunheim island, located right between the area overtaken by Splendide purifiers and the natural winter landscape of Jotunheim. Due to the camp's proximity to the Dimensional Gap, neither heat nor cold dominates the area, creating a neutral environment where nothing grows.

Points of Interest

Notable Characters


In order to access the Midgard Allied Forces Post, players must complete Onward to the Other World, which is the prerequisite for the following quests:

Players can also access the Midgard Allied Forces Post by doing Cat Hand New World Access, which is a much shorter access quest. However, completion of the Cat Hand quest will only give you access to these quests:

Ring of the Wise King is required to do these quests as they need the Ring of the Ancient Wise King item:


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