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Minuel's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Soldier
Race Laphine
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
I'm Minuel. It's such a common name, I don't even know what it means. I think my parents just gave me a name that is easy on the ear.
~ Minuel

Minuel is a Laphine soldier stationed in Eclage's plaza. He seems to take his job very seriously.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

While guarding the path to Eclage's palace, Minuel was ordered by the chief of staff Shinaim to escort a certain Midgardian adventurer into the palace. He manages to find the adventurer and takes him/her to the Eclage palace. After the chief of staff was done talking to the adventurer, Minuel then escorts the Midgardian back to the city's plaza. Some time passes before he is ordered yet again to fetch the adventurer, this time for an audience with the king, Mayor Jun Kardui.[1]

He later encounters the adventurer again after hearing from Kardui that the adventurer would be willing to help Laphines around the city. The adventurer affirms this and Minuel proceeds to ask the adventurer to collect some Yai-decorating materials for him as he is unable to do so during his long hours of guarding. The adventurer agrees to the task and heads off.

The adventurer meets up with the Laphine some time later with all the materials he asked for. Minuel is pleased with what the adventurer has collected and uses the items to decorate his Yai after his shift. When he encounters the adventurer later, he mentions that he's gotten a lot of positive responses to his "wild" decorations and that he may have inadvertently started a new Yai-decorating trend.[2]

Eventually, Minuel receives an order to retrieve the adventurer who was busy helping other Laphines in the city. He manages to find the adventurer and tells him/her to go see the mayor and then flies off.

While on duty, Minuel encounters the adventurer again and asks him/her if he/she is on his/her way from the palace again. He is surprised when the adventurer tells him that Shinaim is sponsoring a magic scholar. When he thinks about it, he expresses to the adventurer that it explains why Shinaim goes to the eastern part of Eclage rather often after getting off work even though her Yai is in the opposite direction. The scholar she's sponsoring must live on the east side of Eclage. He hopes the information helps and bids the adventurer goodbye.[3]

Later, Minuel is sent to prison to tell the adventurer that he/she is being accused of sabotaging the light room that holds up the Eclage Orb. However, there were some witnesses that wished to testify the adventurer's innocence. He also doesn't think the adventurer is guilty and notes that the adventurer should be moved to the clinic since he/she was wounded from what happened in the light room.[4]