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The Monster Summoning window in kRO2.

The Monster Summoning System is a pet system in Ragnarok Online II that combines the buff benefits of Ragnarok Online's Cute Pet System with the debuff and offensive capabilities of its mercenary system. Summoned monsters cannot be controlled by the player; they're truly pets with minds of their own.

Summoning a Monster

Monsters drop 4 different DNA fragments: A, T, G, and C. You need all four from one monster and a Binding Protein in order to create that monster's DNA. DNA is basically the summon's EXP, which you need to level it up.

1 DNA = 1 EXP

  • Level 1 -> Level 2: Requires 29 DNA pieces
  • Level 2 -> Level 3: Requires 99 DNA pieces
  • Level 3 -> Level 4: Requires 199 DNA pieces[1]

Once the monster gains enough DNA to level up, you can now summon the monster. A monster needs to be at least Level 1 in order to be unlocked for summoning. Once summoned, the monster will be out for a maximum of 30 seconds.

Every monster shares the same cooldown, which can be lowered by filling up your Achievement Progress bar. As of now on iRO2, the Base Cooldown starts at 120 sec, and can be lowered to a minimum of 30 sec. The current formula for the Base Cooldown of the pets is:


Training Your Monster

Summoned monsters' attack ability scales with monster’s class, level, and a percentage of the summoner’s attack or magic power.

Increasing the Max Level

When you first start using the Monster Summoning System, the max level you can level a monster to is Level 1. You can only increase the max level of any one monster by unlocking other monsters on the Monster Summon List. Once you've unlocked a certain percentage of the list, you'll be able to level up the monsters of your choice to the next level.

  • 0-59% of total monsters collected: Level 2 Max
  • 60%-99% of total monsters collected: Level 3 Max
  • 100% of total monsters collected: Level 4 Max[2]

Currently, on iRO2, the max level you can level a monster follows this rule:

  • 0-66 monsters collected: Level 2 Max
  • 67-97 monsters collected: Level 3 Max
  • 98-189 monsters collected: Level 4 Max

Monster Summon List

Pets that give buffs remain stationary and don't move or attack from their summoned spot.

Pets that debuff move and also help attack the target.

All buffs, debuffs, and special abilities that pets use have an Area of Effect (AoE), except for those stating they are single-target only.

Grade 1 Summons

Monster Bonuses
Andanora -4% AGI Debuff (Area of Effect)
Blossom Fish Passive
Boa Poison Damage over Time
Brownie -4% STR Debuff (Area of Effect)
Carlos Single-target attack
Chonchon Electric Shock
Cockatrice -2% HIT Rate Debuff
Coraltus -2% HIT Rate Debuff
Cornutus 1% Maximum SP Buff
Country Mouse -4% INT Debuff
Cowring Slow Debuff (-10%)
Crabit -4% INT Debuff
Creamy -2% Hit Rate Debuff
Cyaton 2% WIS Buff
Desert Fugu 1% Dodge Buff (Flat Increase)
Desert Mole -2% Defense Debuff
Desert Wolf -4% INT Debuff
Elporing Ignition
Fabre -2% DEF Debuff (Area of Effect)
Familiar Single-target attack
Feartus -4% STR Debuff
Fennec -4% WIS Debuff
Flip -4% WIS Debuff (Area of Effect)
Flower Deer -2% Dodge Rate
Francoou Single-target attack
Gold Creamy Slow Debuff (-10%) 
Hazel -4% VIT Debuff
Hohokoko 2% AGI Buff
Hornet -2% Dodge Debuff
Horong 2% VIT Buff
Hydra 1% Parry Rate
KumKum 1% ATK Buff
Leaf Cat Electric Shock Debuff
Lunatic -4% VIT Debuff
Manderu 1% HP Buff (Area of Effect)
Mandragora Lapidification
Mantis Single-target attack
Marine Sphere -2% Dodge Debuff
Mau -2% ATK/MATK Debuff (Area of Effect)
Mimic Bleed Debuff
Native Lunatic 2% STR Buff
Neon Flip 2% INT Buff
Pearltus -2% ATK/MATK Debuff
Pecopeco Bleed Debuff
Pereiz -2% HIT Rate Debuff
Phen -2% ATK/MATK Debuff
Pony Deer 1% CRIT Rate Buff
Poring Single-Target Attack (1.5x Damage)
Potemkin 2% WIS Buff
Rabong -2% DEF Rate Debuff
Rabstang Passive
Rackuf -4% AGI Debuff
Ramos 1% DEF Buff
Rocker -4% STR Debuff (Area of Effect)
Roda Frog -2% Dodge Debuff
Sand Spider 1% HIT Rate Buff
Sandistar -2% DEF Debuff
Savage 1% HP Buff
Savage Babe Single-Target Attack
Spore 5% Speed Buff
Strange Freyjan -4% AGI Debuff
Swordfish Passive
Tarou -4% INT Debuff

Thief Bug

Tiger -4% STR Debuff
Tiny Hippo 1% MATK Buff
Toad -4% INT Debuff
Wormtail -4% WIS Debuff

Grade 2 Summons

Monster Bonuses
Afanc -20% Slow Debuff
Andre Bleed
Apostle Ironwall Multi-target damage (Area of Effect)
Archer Skeleton Single-Target Attack
Argiope -4% DEF Debuff
Baphomet Junior Stun for 0.5 seconds every 5 seconds
Bigfoot 4% VIT Buff
Bomberring -4% ATK/MATK Debuff
Dark Assassin -4% Dodge debuff (Area of Effect)
Dark Priest -4% Dodge Debuff (Area of Effect)
Deadly Poison Poisoning Damage Over Time
Deadly Poison Bug Single-Target Attack
Desert Goblin 2% CRIT Buff
Deviruchi -8% AGI Debuff
Executer Attacker -20% Slow Debuff
Executer Magician -4% ATK/MATK Debuff
Faithful 4% WIS Buff
Flying Thief Bug -4% STR Debuff
Fraud Thief Bug -4% AGI Debuff
Fur Seal -8% INT Debuff (Area of Effect)
Goblin -8% INT Debuff
Golden Bat 4% AGI Buff
Gremlin Lapidification
Grooming Thief -8% STR Debuff
Hellbug Warrior Bleed (Area of Effect)
Hellbug Worker -4% Dodge Debuff
Imp Ignition (Area of Effect)
Kepri -8% VIT Debuff
Megalodon -8% WIS Debuff
Ninetale (Nine Tail) -8% STR Debuff
Pagan -8% INT Debuff (Area of Effect)
Poporing Poison (Area of Effect)
Researcher Single-Target Attack
Scratch Thief -4% DEF Debuff (Area of Effect)
Shellob -4% HIT Debuff
Skeleton 4% AGI Buff
Snailer -8% WIS Debuff
Strouf -8% VIT Debuff
Tale (Miho) -4% ATK/MATK debuff
Vadon Bleed (Area of Effect)
Vadon Family Single-Target Attack
Wild Rose Single-Target Attack
Zealot -4% Defense Debuff (Area of Effect)

Grade 3 Summons

Monster Bonuses
Abrahim -12% INT Debuff
Ancient Worm -12% INT debuff
Apostle Searcheye -6% HIT Debuff
Canon Lady -12% VIT Debuff
Cat Lady -6% DEF Debuff
Demian 3% MATK Buff
Earth Worm -30% Slow Debuff
Executer Shadow -6% ATK/MATK Debuff
Executer Undead Inflicts Collapse for 1 sec every 5 seconds (AoE)
Gang Mau -12% AGI Debuff
Garbong Ignition (Area of Effect)
Golden Thief Bug -30% Slow Debuff
Guri Single-target damage
Hajatu/Hazard -12% AGI Debuff
JYH -6% Dodge Debuff
Kelberop Bleed
Keobi 3% Dodge Buff
Kobugi 3% DEF Buff (Area of Effect)
Kuroring -6% HIT Debuff
Mermaid Electric Shock (Area of Effect)
Mustafa 3% ATK Buff
Nukaruka -12% STR Debuff
Obeaune Bleed (Area of Effect)
Pixie 3% MATK Buff (Area of Effect)
Rocklem Armor Rip (Area of Effect)
Scorpion -6% ATK/MATK Debuff (Area of Effect)
Sohee Poison (Area of Effect)
Taurin -6% Dodge Debuff
Vanuatu 3% Parry Buff
Venomer -12% WIS debuff
Wanderer Eater -12% STR Debuff
Wolf Guy Multi-target damage (Area of Effect)

Grade 4 Summons

Monster Bonuses
Assassin Elder Heal Over Time, ticks per second
Dostoev 10% Job EXP Buff
Drake 8% STR Buff
Embus of Ruin 10-second Freeze every 5 seconds (Area of Effect)
Eremes Guile 3-second Stun every 5 seconds (Area of Effect)
Executer Meister 10% Title Stat Buff
Gedenhard 4% ATK Buff
Golden Robberbug 4% DEF Buff (Area of Effect)
(Flat increase; moves from initial spawn)
Hodremlin 4% DEF Buff (Area of Effect)
(Flat increase, does NOT move from initial spawn)
Kiel MK-III -8% Def Debuff
Lapparman heals twice and healing was based on 85% % your attack dmg/ Magic dmg. (Area of effect)
Leviathan 10% Title Stat Buff
Lucille 4% CRIT Rate Buff
Lurker Fly -16% STR Debuff
Merem 10% more EXP gained
Moonlight Flower 70% ATK/MATTK Line Area of Effect every 5 seconds
Sandial Queen -40% Slow Debuff
Sehee 10% EXP Boost
Solomian 20% Movement Speed Buff
Stainer 70% ATK Power (Dive Bomb) on Single target
Turtle Assassin -8% Dodge Debuff
Ungoliant 8% INT Buff
Vador 70% ATK/MATK Wide Area of Effect every 5 seconds
Virus 4% ATK Buff
Willow Worker Casts Land of Recovery
Zadorak 10% Job EXP Boost

Grade 5 Summons

Monster Bonuses
Aromine 5% Item Drop Rate Buff
Baphomet -10% Dodge debuff
-50% Slow Debuff
Barbaro 5% Parry Buff
5% DEF Buff
Entraion -10% DEF Debuff
-10% Dodge Debuff
Gearbaz -10% HIT Debuff
-20% AGI Debuff
Giant Driller Stun (4seconds) (Area Of Effect)
Giant Worm 5% Hit Rate/Critical Rate
Humbaba 10% INT Buff
5% MATK Buff
Lamort Heal (Very Large Amount)
Maya 5% HP Buff
5% DEF Buff
Maya Purple Bleed
-50% Slow Debuff
Mechanical Vadon 10% STR Buff
10% INT Buff
Mini Mongi -20% AGI Debuff
-10% ATK Debuff
-10% MATK Debuff
Minotaur Chung-I 5% ATK Buff
10% STR Buff
Minotaur Hong-I -20% STR debuff
-20% INT debuff
Pertus 10% AGI Buff
5% CRIT Buff
Rat Master Cramp 5% Dodge Buff
5% DEF Buff
Rock Star Hero 25% Movement Speed Buff
5% Dodge Buff
RSX-0807 Electric Shock
Xeno Spider 5% SP Buff
10% WIS Buff

Cute Pets

The new pet tab of the Monster Summoning System.

The Monster Summoning System was modified to allow the creation of companion pets that mimic the Cute Pet system of RO. Unlike summoned monsters, pet monsters will not despawn after 30 seconds. Instead they will remain around the player until the player changes maps, logs out, or summons a different pet. If the pet disappears, players simply need to resummon the pet from the pet tab of the Monster Summoning System window to get it back out again.

How to Get a Pet

Players still have to collect DNA pieces from the respective monsters, but instead of using a Binding Protein, players must now combine the DNA pieces with a PluriEgg Blank. Doing so will produce a Pet Egg instead of DNA.

Just like RO, Pet Eggs in RO2 require the use of an incubator to hatch. There are 2 types of incubators available to players:

  • Basic Incubator
  • Golden Incubator

Incubating an egg results in Hatched Eggs, which are necessary to increase the Loyalty of each pet monster.

Cute Pet List

Monster Bonuses Max Loyalty Requirements
Poring Level 0: +30 STR
Level 1: +50 STR, +5% Drop Rate
10 Hatched Poring Eggs
Lunatic Level 0: +30 INT
Level 1: +50 INT, +5% Drop Rate
10 Hatched Lunatic Eggs
Spore Level 0: +30 VIT
Level 1: +50 VIT, +5% Drop Rate
10 Hatched Spore Eggs
Pixie Level 0: +2% MATK
Level 1: +3% MATK, +1.5% ATK, +8% Drop Rate
20 Hatched Pixie Eggs
5th Anniversary Moonlight Flower Level 0: +500 HP, +3% Defense
Level 1: +750 HP, +5% Defense, +10% Move Speed, +10% Drop Rate
40 Hatched Moonlight Flower Eggs

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