Mt. Mjolnir

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Mt. Mjolnir
Level 21 - 80 (RO)
1-10 (RO2)
RO MtMjolnir.jpg
Mt. Mjolnir as seen in RO.
Location North of Prontera
Technical Name(s) mjolnir_01, mjolnir_02, mjolnir_03, mjolnir_04, mjolnir_05, mjolnir_06, mjolnir_07, mjolnir_08, mjolnir_09, mjolnir_10, mjolnir_11, mjolnir_12

Mt. Mjolnir is an enormous mountain named for the legendary weapon of Thor. It consists of two peaks and is covered in flora and fauna of Jotunn proportions. It is located in the midst of the Asgard Mountain range. Bridges were constructed to aid adventurers in traversing the mountainous terrain.

A pathway that connects Prontera to Aldebaran called the Muriniel Pass runs through Mt. Mjolnir.

History[edit | edit source]

Age of Gods[edit | edit source]

About a thousand years ago, the Thousand-Year War occurred in which Thor took part in. During the battles, Thor slammed Mjolnir into the earth, causing a mountain to form. This mountain was henceforth known as Mt. Mjolnir.

Age of Man[edit | edit source]

In the 300 years after the Ragnarok event, Mt. Mjolnir will undergo many changes, the most notable being the establishment of two Norman settlements: Bouquet Village and the Elemento Academy.

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