Nacht Sieger
RO NachtSieger
Class Mini-Boss
Level 99
Size Large
Type Demon
Element Ghost
Natural Habitat Endless Tower

Nacht Sieger is a high-rank demon.

NOTE: In other versions of Ragnarok Online, this monster is commonly misspelled as Naght Sieger.


After learning about Entweihen Crothen's ambition, the enraged Nacht Sieger used all of his power and even entrusted that of his subordinates to seal Crothen's tower with a thick fog that surrounded the island. Although the tower was sealed from the outside, Nacht Sieger knows that he can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of the soldiers in Entweihen Crothen's forces. All he can do is set up his base near the tower and observe.[1]



  • Nacht Sieger means "night winner" in German.


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